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Meet Taylor

Hi everyone!


My name is Taylor and and I am passionate about helping others and their relationship with food. I strive to explore ways to make our Upbeet clients feel their absolute best, while fueling their body so they can tackle any new adventure in life.

I knew I wanted to help others within my work since I was younger, but after realizing I am pretty squeamish, found the world of nutrition and felt it was the perfect fit. I attended the Unversity of Kentucky and completed my dietetic internship within the state, getting to explore all the different routes a dietitian can take. I first was introduced to bariatric surgery during this time and quickly fell in love with the community and the transformation that can unfold. I even got to sit in on a bariatric sleeve and hold a stomach - I guess i'm not THAT squeamish! It was fascinating!


I look forward to meeting you and being the passenger in this health journey. With Upbeet, you will gain the confidence to reclaim your health.


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