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Meet Esosa 

Hey there,


I’m Esosa and I am a food lover like you! I love seeking new food experiences, trying new flavors, and cooking my cultural food with my family. Food is not only fuel for me. Food brings people together, unites different cultures, and even joy. As a Registered Dietitian, I believe all food can fit, but it’s all about the placement. 

So, where did it all start for me? I was introduced to the world of dietetics through my mom. I knew I was interested in nutrition, but I didn’t want to be a chef or work in food service. I wanted to teach people good nutrition. My mom talked to me about looking up the dietitian profession. And the rest was history. I received my undergraduate degree in Nutrition emphasis in Dietetics at Texas Woman’s University. During that time, I realized less than 3% of the profession was Black but, chronic disease disparities were highest in the Black and Brown communities. I decided to further my education by completing my Master's in Public Health with an emphasis on Underserved Populations from Oklahoma State University. 


I am passionate about folks breaking free from restrictive dieting, creating a healthy relationship with food, and building generational health with a mindset-focused framework. My nutrition philosophy is food should be enjoyed not feared. A balanced diet is flexible, not perfect. After my clients are done working with me, they have a renewed mindset when it comes to their approach to good health and making empowered decisions in their food choices without guilt or shame all while crushing their weight loss and blood work goals. I provide nutrition counseling to those who have gotten bariatric surgery, living with diabetes, and heart disease, and managing polycystic ovary syndrome symptoms. 


I look forward to joining you on your health and wellness journey.

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